About my work

As India develops, industries, businesses, NGOs and communities are beginning to reshape the environment. This change is usually in favour of the powerful players. As a filmmaker, I capture and locate those vulnerable communities who want to protect the quality of their lives in the wake of globalisation, top down development, and industrialisation.

Who I am

I am an independent filmmaker focussed on social and environmental justice stories from across India. I also hold a masters degree in Sociology from the SAARC initiative (South Asian University) and seek a Post-Colonial perspective in my academic work.


My Mission

To tell the stories of those who are marginalised. To build bridges and connect various groups that can learn from one another and help each other build an equitable society. I want to see forces of industrialisation take into account the communities that they torment, oppress and transform, so that villages and vulnerable groups can begin to access justice.

What I Do

I am curious about the tenuous relationship between people and the environment. I  shoot video because images can make ideas come alive. The form of my films is often related to the content, it is local or set to the pace of life in the context of the story. I write and use other media as and when content demands it.

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