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Making sense of the apocalypse

A filmmaker, carving stories out of the environment. I have made films for PSBT, and various NGOs. I began my work because I truly believed that films could solve the environmental crises in India. With time, I continue to understand the many layers behind each story, and hope against hope that our ecological consciousness comes back to life. 


Documentary films

Documentaries about the different questions facing communities who struggle with environmental contamination. These and related subjects interest me.


Based on Environment, Women's empowerment, Sustainable development and sleep deprivation.

Films for NGO's

Do you have a cause. Do you want to make a film about it? If yes, get in touch. I don't make free films. I charge to cover costs and to keep me fed.


This is an excerpt of scenes from an ongoing independent film project. The film traces the dreams of a community affected by an oil spill.

The Baiga tribe is known to protect their environment. This group in Madhya Pradesh has been able to acquire several hectares of forest, allowing them better nutrition in comparison to the malnourished children of the deprived Sahariya tribes.

During the Commonwealth Games, the State played with the lives of millions of people in India. Displaced to make way for stadiums, parking lots and the entertainment of the rich. A film on the unequals who face injustice in the India of 2010.

Delhi is the capital of India, but does this entitle India to the water of every River in the outskirts of the city? While experts dispel the idea that new dams will provide water, a valley is destroyed for the sake of urbanisation. What is lost? While everyone dreams of living in the mountains, no few are ready to protect the environment, and the vulnerable lose their lands to corruption.

Who I have worked with

Telling stories about our lives has never been easier.

The stories we tell today will shape our lives tomorrow. What are the stories that we plan to tell? And how?